Wednesday, September 21, 2022

September 21, 2022

Today was a perfect fall day (although technically the last day of summer) with crisp clear skies and just a little breeze. Our first whale was our familiar humpback whale friend, Satula! He was taking short dives and blowing clouds of bubbles to theoretically coral his prey!


Next, we found a pair of humpbacks that were snoozing in the afternoon sun. Eventually, they woke up and dove nearby. Then one blew a large cloud of bubbles and surfaced next to it! That was Jabiru, another familiar friend. Jabiru was with a new visitor for the year, Cacophony, on and off.

Our fourth humpback whale was Chromosome, who was less than cooperative, taking long dives and moving far distances in between.


A minke whale and blue shark rounded out the trip!

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