Sunday, September 11, 2022

September 10-11, 2022

With trips now on our fall schedule each day out on the water is that much more special. On Saturday, the ocean treated us to plenty of marine life to look at. We saw 10 humpback whales, five blue sharks, three minke whales and an ocean sunfish.

Humpback whale diving
Blue shark
Ocean sunfish

Each trip is always unique but when there is almost no wind to speak of, each subtle disturbance triggers our eyes and we are ready to react. Identified humpback whales included Shuffleboard, A-plus, Jabiru, Spoon, Chromosome, Clamp and Owl and her 2022 calf. A beautiful backdrop of an ocean to enjoy so much wildlife.


The calm winds continued on Sunday as we were surrounded by glass-like conditions at the surface. Sightings of blue sharks occurred as we made our way offshore along with an ocean sunfish.

Ocean sunfish

We ended up seeing seven humpback whales - including a group of five! Known whales included Gunslinger, Pitcher, Spoon, Ase, A-plus, Shuffleboard and Jabiru.

How many whales can you spot in this image?

We passed by a minke whale and wrapped up the great sightings with a pod of Atlantic white-sided dolphins. So much life in our small part of the Gulf of Maine!

Atlantic white-sided dolphins (above and below)

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