Sunday, September 18, 2022

September 16, 2022

The air on Friday was cool and crisp: fall is coming! Our first sighting of the day was a trio of humpback whales: Grommet, Gunslinger, and Decimal. There were other whales in the area as well, and eventually, we found another humpback named Touchdown.

We also spent time with Clamp and Pitcher while another humpback, Satula, was hanging out in the distance. Clamp flicked her tail as she was diving, which had a beautiful waterfall effect.

We tried to look at a couple more whales in the distance, but they were taking longer dives, so we headed back to where we had seen the trio. To our surprise, we found three completely different whales in another trio! These were Jabiru, Shuffleboard, and Partition. This trio was moving slowly and spending a lot of time at the surface. While watching these three, Mogul surfaced behind the boat for a couple of breaths and then left the area.

After spending time with the trio, we headed back to the harbor. We spotted yet another humpback, Ase, on the way. Then there was some splashing ahead of us, which turned out to be a pod of Atlantic white-sided dolphins! A perfect end to the trip.

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