Sunday, June 28, 2020

June 27-28, 2020

During the morning trip on Saturday we were privy to a behavior I find so spectacular. It may not sound impressive, but seeing a fin whale actively feed is so incredible. One of the second largest mammals on earth maximizing on the plethora of food over and over again.
Fin whale filtering out saltwater!
Moving around, circling back and forth, filtering massive amounts of salt water, this fin whale was busy all the while we were in the area. Such a cool experience watching an everyday kind of activity these mammals need to accomplish in order to survive.
Fin whale spout
Fin whale
We also saw two minke whales; one only a few minutes into our trip! The morning ended with a humpback whale inshore of Jeffreys Ledge. This whale was moving around quite a bit but with enough looks we were able to identify it as Repeat.
Repeat the humpback whale
The afternoon trip started with some searching for Repeat. We searched but with no luck we continued further offshore. We ended up finding 3 fin whales all moving around independently of each other. Some were being slightly more conducive for watching purposes but it was still nice to see distant blows around.
Afternoon fin whale
Distant look at another fin whale
The wind was minimal Sunday morning and conditions were beautiful for whale searching. We started the trip checking out a mellow minke whale. This whale was surfacing slowly and smoothly when we first arrived.
Minke whale
Further offshore we came across a fin whale popping up here and there. A very distinct dorsal fin but still working on making a match to who this whale is.
Morning fin whale (above and below)

On the afternoon trip on Sunday we traveled to a different area of the Jeffreys Ledge region and came across a fin whale. This particular whale was only staying below the surface for a few minutes at a time. It was darting around but staying close allowing for some great looks.
Afternoon fin whale
Turns out this whale is known as #0402, a whale first sighted by Blue Ocean Society in 2004!
Fin whale #0402

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