Monday, June 29, 2020

June 25-26, 2020

Thursday was all about the fin whales! We had at least 7 different whales including a mother calf pair!  Mom/calf pairs are a bit rare to see. We had none last summer, and in an average year, we might see 2-3 pairs. We hope to get some more looks at these two.
Chevron of our first fin whale

Dorsal fin of our first fin whale
Friday morning we found a harbor porpoise soon after leaving the harbor. Then we found a trio of fin whales! These whales were feeding on a smattering of bait near the surface.  We identified two of these whales as ones we had seen in previous seasons. Fin whales # 0520 (first seen in 2005) and # 0945 (first seen in 2009) were together for a bit before going on their own ways.
Fin whale 0520
Fin whale 0520
 At one point, the trio went directly below the boat as can be seen on our “fish” finder.
Fin whale trio under the boat!

A fourth fin whale was seen as well, but we still aren’t sure who that one is, but it was one of the whales we saw Thursday!

Friday afternoon, the wind decided to pick up, making for a wet trip with sea spray.  Five fin whales were seen, including another trio! These were # 0520 and # 0945 again along with #0932! 
Fin whale 0932

Fin whale 0945
On our way in, we dodged a pretty decent storm by cutting through a narrow gap where the rain wasn’t quite as intense. Good job, Captain!

We cut through the gap between the top two rain storms!

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