Wednesday, June 24, 2020

June 22-24, 2020

There were no whale watching trips on Monday and Tuesday morning wasn't what we were hoping for. Unfortunately, we dealt with fog the entire trip and even after receiving a report of whale activity close by, luck just wasn't on our side. Our searching efforts did not produce any sightings. In the afternoon we left the harbor without any fog in sight so our spirits were high. There were whales. However, the whales were far from helpful in the act of being watched. Two different breaching minke whales were seen from a distance but not when nearby. We also found a fin whale, but once again, relocating it was NOT ideal; two breaths in almost 20 minutes. Yikes! Not whale watching at all by our standards.

Wednesday morning started as a repeat. Fog, fog, fog. We hoped it would burn off to give us greater distances to search. With that aspect not going our way, nor the wind on top of lumpy seas, we again had no luck in the whale department. The weather is bound to change soon enough and that will be a pleasant reprieve!

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