Sunday, July 7, 2019

July 6-7, 2019

On both our morning and afternoon trips on Saturday, we spent time with a trio of humpback whales: Spoon, Chromosome and Fan. Seeing one whale nearby is exciting, seeing three all in tandem is quite the extra treat.
Two of our three whales at the surface
During our morning trip we also saw a few minke whales and another pair of humpback whales: Tripod and Valley.
Morning humpback whale
On our afternoon trip we saw Hornbill the humpback whale moving into the area where our trio was and even a minke whale during our travels home.
Afternoon humpback whale
We only had one trip on Sunday. We spent time with many of the same culprits we saw yesterday but their configurations had changed. Today we found Tripod and Chromosome on the move together. Then we spent time with the humpback whale trio of Fan, Spoon and Valley. While associations occur between these mammals, seeing the slight variations is always fascinating!
Humpback whale
Vessels of all sizes can, and do, pass through areas where whales can be!
Such a high fluking dive from this humpback whale

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