Wednesday, July 24, 2019

July 22-23, 2019

Thanks to one of our friendly fellow whale enthusiasts on the water we checked out a few different areas on Monday morning's whale watch. What a pleasant surprise to find some very familiar whales! In total, there were three minke whales, three humpback whales and three fin whales. Humpback whales Satula and Pinball, with her 2019 calf, were in our area. We haven't seen any of these whales in quite a while. What a great treat to have them back!
Pinball and her calf
The fin whales were equally as exciting as all three fin whales were associated with each other and we got some fin-tastic looks at these massive mammals!
If you look closely, there are three fin whales in this photo!

Fin whale
During the afternoon trip, we found the same trio of humpback whales but this time they were darting back and forth, crossing paths with each other, on multiple occasions. So many great looks as Satula, Pinball and Pinball's calf circled around.
Satula diving
Pinball and her calf diving in synchrony
Thanks again to a different friend, of the fishing variety, we wrapped up the day with some looks at humpback whales Patches and Zorro. Initially, these whales were associated with each other, lunge-feeding, before independently working the area to feast on fish. So many great sights all throughout the day!
Zorro and Patches feeding together (above and below)!

On Tuesday the strong winds and wavy ocean kept us tied to the dock all day.

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