Saturday, May 20, 2017

Saturday, May 20

The spring season always provides a bit of anxiety since we have to wait so long (a full week!) to get back out to search for marine mammals. Today we got the chance to see more familiar whales return for another feeding season. In total we saw 2 fin whales, 6 minke whales and 6 humpback whales. Our humpback whales included #0050, Sabot, Mogul and our first mother/calf pair of the season; Flash and calf! Note just how unique each humpback whale's black and white natural markings can be!
Our first humpback whale of the day; #0050!
A few of our humpback whales were creating bubble clouds which is great news knowing that bubble clouds are used to corral food. Lots of food = a good chance of whales being around! On on way home we even had a few more surprises seeing fin whale Crow and humpback whale Veteran!
This may not look like much but even this distant snapshot of a fin whale is enough to confirm it is Crow the fin whale!
We love the chance of surprises at any moment when you are spending time surrounded by nature. Tomorrow is looking beautiful so hopefully we will get a chance to enjoy more time with some massive mammals!

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