Tuesday, June 21, 2022

June 20-21, 2022

The conditions were stunning on Monday morning. A crisp, clear horizon and calm seas are what we hope to be surrounded by when heading offshore. The whales proved otherwise, but alas, we are searching for wild creatures of course! In total, we sighted three fin whales and seven minke whales. It took some patience and plenty of searching(!), but we wrapped up the morning trip with some stunning looks.

Minke whale
Morning fin whale
Flat calm seas!!!

Fin whales continued into the afternoon as we saw three along with two minke whales, an ocean sunfish, and our first sighting of the season of Atlantic white-sided dolphins!

Afternoon fin whale
Atlantic white-sided dolphin
Tip of the fin of an ocean sunfish

What made our sighting of dolphins even more unique was that they were associated with a familiar fin whale: #9709! What a beautiful way to wrap up the last full day of Spring.

Fin whale #9709
Fin whale and dolphin!

Happy Solstice on Tuesday; summer has arrived! While the temperatures out on the ocean still feel like early spring, we are well into our season. On our morning trip, our charter fishing friends shared news of whales out on Jeffreys Ledge. We found humpback whales Pinball and Satula!

Humpback whale
In between trips we were treated to a fun find flying around the harbor! We enjoyed watching a bald eagle soaring and even landing for a quick break.
Eagle on the edge of the water

This afternoon, we first spent time with the humpback whale Clamp's 2016 calf well inshore of the ledge.

Afternoon humpback whale

This whale was all over the place, but such is the case with wildlife - unpredictable! We also found a fin whale cruising through the waves.

Fin whale

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