Thursday, May 26, 2016

Thursday, May 26

Today we brought out a boat-load of students to experience nature's classroom. Mother Nature certainly did a phenomenal job as the ocean was so calm and there were whales to be seen. We headed offshore passing by a few harbor seals before making our way to a few whales. A Minke whale surfaced but soon disappeared so we headed over to a Fin whale not far away. One of the second largest animals on the planet and everyone was able to get some great looks at this whale. This specific whale ended up being a very familiar whale; one that was first sighted by our research affiliates Blue Ocean Society of Marine Conservation in 1997!
Fin whale known as #9709
What a great way starting our trip on a familiar whale knowing it has returned for another year. With such beautiful conditions and some great looks we ventured on to do some more exploring before it was time to head home. We ended up coming across 3 more Fin whales.
Minimal disturbance as this Fin whale surfaces for a breath of air
The flat calm ocean made for watching whales absolutely ideal
Another Fin whale of the day
Wonderful weather and great young minds certainly enjoyed some fortunate wildlife encounters today.

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