Saturday, May 21, 2016

Saturday, May 21

Another nice weather window for us occurred today so off we went searching for whales. In total, there were 4 Minke whales scattered around but unless you were looking in the right direction at the right moment it was a bit tricky watching them. They would dive and not return to the surface for a while making actual whale watching less than ideal. So instead we ventured over to a spout in the distance and checked out a Fin whale moving around the area.
First Fin whale of the day
At one point this whale moved right towards us and surfaced close by getting a great appreciation of just how large Fin whales truly are.
Fin whale surfacing close to the boat
Thanks to a well-trained whale-spotter passenger (thanks Nicole!) another spout was seen out towards the horizon. Soon we were headed that way and ending up coming across another Fin whale.
Fin whale spout
This whale was spending only a few minutes below the waterline allowing for some great looks at this additional whale as well.
Fin whale #2
Tomorrow's forecast will be keeping us on land so stay tuned for next week when we will be back out on the water!

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