Saturday, May 16, 2015

Welcome to the 2015 whale watching season!

If you know how much we love whales you know we have been itching to get back out on the water and check out the area. Well today was finally that day as we started the 2015 season! We were ready as first-timers and familiar faces were all equally as excited to see what the day would bring. Whales we found but, boy oh boy were they further away than what we were anticipating. That being said we always know we are lucky to experience any sort of whale activity any day. We started the season with something other than whales (yep its true, we like to check out all kinds of marine life) as we found 3 Basking sharks in our travels toward the whales.
Basking shark (dorsal fin is on the right and its tail is on the left)
Soon enough we were on the move to watch whales that certainly were providing their own entertainment. Humpback whales were actively feeding in small groups in every direction. There were at least 15 Humpback whales all around the boat. We started with a trio creating bubble nets and doing some open mouth feeding.
Humpback whales bubble netting

A mother and her calf passed on by and other single whales were scooting around. In addition to that, whales could be seen out on the horizon being equally as active. Also in the mix were a few Minke whales and even a small group of Atlantic white-sided dolphins associated with our trio of Humpback whales. So much to look at and so much to enjoy.
Birds and whales making all necessary efforts to grab some food!
We captured a handful of whale identities which included: Daffodil, Geometry, Lightning and her 2015 calf, 747 and Blackbird.
747 the Humpback whale
Lightning and her calf
We are whale watching just weekends for the time being but feel free to check out our website Granite State Whale Watch for the full 2015 season schedule to come experience the lure of wildlife with us!
You can see this Humpback whale's baleen plates hanging down from its upper jawline

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