Saturday, May 23, 2015

Saturday, May 23

Today's trip included two adult female Humpback whales. We first got a chance to spend time with a whale we have not seen around Jeffreys Ledge since 2010! Welcome back to the area Equation. This whale was alternating between circling and a little bit of traveling making her movements a bit tricky to keep up with.
The "big wing" of this Humpback whale is visible underneath the ocean surface (the green sheen is actually this whale's large flipper)!
Nonetheless, our hearty passengers toughed out the spurts of spray and some wave action to get some nice looks at this whale. We also got a chance to see Tether, a whale we saw just last weekend. What a nice sight to know she is still in the area.
Tether (above and below)
On a side note, for anyone interested in all kinds of marine life we also have been having some fun in the harbor watching a plethora of Hydrozoans squirming around. In slightly simpler form, Hydrozoans are invertebrate animals that can be found in both fresh and salt water habitats. The ones we have been seeing most frequently include animals known as the white-cross medusa and the clapper medusa. We are not quite sure why we are seeing them in such large numbers but if you find yourself at the harbor take a peak down into the water and see if you too can see them all around.
White-cross medusas we captured in our bucket
Clapper medusa. As always, we set all our invertebrates free (back into the harbor) after we checked them out this afternoon!

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