Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sunday, October 5

Happy October everyone! It has been a week since the weather has allowed us to venture out on the water. Lots and lots and LOTS of wind this week kept us on land and with the forecast being the best it has been all week, we decided to give it a try. While the ocean was still a bit bumpy from the week of weather, the whales seemed to not be fazed. We saw 3 Humpback whales and 2 Fin whales today. Our first whale was a single Humpback whale circling around the area. While this whale, and mostly all of our whales today, was spending a good amount of time under the water it would surface relatively close by.
First whale of the day
We saw this whale last week for the first time all season and still have yet to match it to a known animal in the catalog. So until we figure out exactly who this whale is it was certainly nice regardless to find it once again spending time in our area.
Humpback whale swimming alongside us (above and below)
Soon we pressed on and ended up finding a pair of Fin whales on the move. These two enormous mammals were definitely traveling but we were lucky to see both of them cruise right alongside us at one point.
Close pass by this Fin whale!
As one of these whales went on a deeper dive we instantaneously recognized such a familiar animal. It was Dingle! We last saw this animal just over a month ago, on September 3rd to be exact. What a great surprise to find this whale once again in our area!
Great to see Dingle once again today!
While these Fin whales continued to move along we decided to venture off in a different direction. Our last sighting of the day was another pair, this time a Humpback whale pair. Shuffleboard and Springboard were slowly moving around together. We spent a bit of time with these whales before it was time to head for home.
Springboard and Shuffleboard
We are down to our last week of whale watching for the 2014 season. Hopefully the weather cooperates and we get back out on the water a few more times before we wrap up another year of watching whales!

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