Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday, October 10

What a beautiful day today. With a much calmer ocean than what is has been over the past few weeks and a crisp horizon gave us fantastic conditions for spotting whale activity today. Our first stop of the day was a Humpback whale.
Humpback whale dorsal fin
This particular whale has been spending some time in our area as we once again found it in a similar location to where we last saw it (this past Sunday). We got some very nice looks at this whale even though it was doing a bit of scooting around the area.
The black and white pattern found on this whale's tail (ventral side) is confirmation that it is the same whale first seen in our area in 2012 even though it has yet to get a proper name
Humpback whale tail (dorsal side)
As we were enjoying our time with this Humpback whale we learned of other whale activity out in the distance (thanks to our great fishing friends!). We made our way in that direction and soon came across a pod of Atlantic white-sided dolphins! These are always a crowd-pleasing sighting (for all ages!) and today was of no exception.
Atlantic white-sided dolphin
This group was just milling around, being so mellow, as we got some great looks from all angles around the boat.
Dolphins always puts a smile on all of our faces!
Eventually we pressed on and attempted to relocate a whale we had seen out in the distance but unfortunately this whale seemed to want nothing to do with us. We patiently surveyed the area but alas it appeared as though this whale had no desire to be watched. All we can do it try as it is always up to the whales, and their behaviors, that determines if we are fortunate enough to get a glimpse into their water world. We are now down to our last two trips of the season so here's hoping for good weather and some more sightings to be had over this coming holiday weekend!
Gorgeous sunset after a great day out on the water

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