Saturday, June 16, 2012

Friday June 15

Our morning whale watch yesterday was once again faced with a bit of wind but our school group was energized and excited all morning long. We did a fair amount of searching and our luck paid off as we were able to spend some time with a squirmy Minke whale (surfacing this way and that, constantly moving around the area!), and a Fin whale that was doing some filtering while surfacing. 
Fin whale
The fact that our Fin whale was actively filtering out lots of salt water from its mouth is a good indication that this animal was actively feeding in the area.  We like hungry whales and Jeffreys Ledge is a good place to find lots of whale food!

The ocean conditions for our afternoon trip was drastically different.  Instead of the constant wave motion we had a mellow swell and barely a breath of air to contend with.  More Minke whales were sighted throughout our travels and we even got the chance to spend some time with a familiar Fin whale.  Prong the Fin whale was sighted!  She was first documented on Jeffreys Ledge in 2000 as she was swimming along with her calf, verifying her gender as a female!
Thanks for the nice looks Prong and we hope to see you again soon!

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