Monday, May 21, 2012

Sunday May 20th

Clamp and her calf were the talk of the whale watch again today.  A different day came different behaviors from this pair as we spent time watching them on Jeffreys Ledge. 
Clamp and her calf
Mom was doing some feeding as each time she surfaced after having raised her tail just minutes earlier, she would appear just beyond a cloud of bubbles.  Somewhere in the depths of the ocean Clamp was going after fish.  Based on the large expanse of bubbles we were seeing on the surface Clamp was finding fish, swimming underneath them, then exhaling to release massive amounts of bubbles, which would then scare the fish into a nice tight ball.  Well with the fish grouped up tight all Clamp had to do was then open her mouth wide open to capture all those fish in one big bite!  However, when both Mom and her calf were at the surface both of them were being a bit inquisitive towards us.  Multiple times the two of them would change swimming directions and head straight in for the boat!  Coasting at the surface, folks at the bow could literally watch both Clamp and her calf swim just under the pulpit.
Clamp checking out some of our passengers as she cruises by the front of the boat
Then when the next time both whales were up for breaths, they would go investigate the stern of the boat! 
Clamp and her calf surface just off the back of the boat
Needless to say we all got some incredible looks at these two mammals of the deep.  Next trips are over Memorial Day weekend so start off the unofficial start of summer on a great note and head out whale watching! See you on board!

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