Sunday, June 25, 2023

June 24-25, 2023

We only ran an afternoon trip on Saturday, thanks to the rainy weather in the morning. Unfortunately, whales were doing a great job hiding in the fog that we found ourselves in around Jeffreys Ledge. Even among the searching efforts by all on board, we did not come across any whales.

On Sunday morning we found ourselves back on Jeffreys Ledge. It took a little time but we came across a pair of humpback whales, Dross and her 2023 calf. The calf created quite the spectacle, breaching a few times and circling in towards the boat before ultimately heading back towards mom.

Dross' calf creating whitewater
Dross diving

In the afternoon, we spent time with a single humpback whale. Whales certainly move around, and in this case, even come close to shore! The whale eventually headed back offshore, meandering along the way.

Humpback whale just off the mainland!
Afternoon humpback whale diving

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