Sunday, October 4, 2020

October 3-4, 2020

The weather was PERFECT on Saturday. The horizon was so crisp and clear. There was barely a breath of wind so the surface of the ocean was glass-like most of the day. Conditions were on our side and we were excited to get offshore. We found multiple blue sharks and two ocean sunfish.

Subsurface ocean sunfish

However, we couldn't find a single whale. Not one. Well that was clearly not what we were hoping for. We thank our passengers for joining us and look forward to seeing you again in the future for whale activity! 

Sunday, the conditions were just as gorgeous. Calm seas and a clean horizon. As we headed out towards Jeffreys Ledge we saw two minke whales. Out on the ledge we saw two fin whales.

Such calms seas!

While watching one fin whale, first identified by Blue Ocean Society researchers in 2010, out of the blue a second fin whale surfaced!

Fin whale

We also saw the U.S. Air Force cruise down the coast, an added bonus, before finding an ocean sunfish.

C-130's headed our way!
Ocean sunfish

Can't believe we are down to our last week of the 2020 whale watching season. Fingers crossed the weather allows for a few more trips!

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