Sunday, May 19, 2019

May 18-19, 2019

We were treated to many familiar sights during our trip on Saturday. We saw 2 minke whales, 5 humpback whales and two fin whales during our travels to Jeffreys Ledge.
Humpback whale
Fin whale spout
We checked out a trio of mostly-napping humpback whales (Valley, Bungee and Spoon) while Hornbill and Owl were independently moseying around nearby. Then ended the day with a great look at one of the fin whales passing by.
Two of the three humpback whales
Welcome back Owl!
Fin whale
On Sunday, we were planning on heading back to the same area where whales had been the day before. The ocean however, had its own plan. The wind and waves were working against us, the rain was not providing much joy, and ultimately we knew this is not what whale watching is all about. So we headed for home, and with the wind and waves at our back, had a much more pleasant ride in. We look forward to having our passengers join us on a less windy and less wavy day in the future.

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