Friday, October 7, 2016

Friday, October 7

Today was a day we wish could be experienced every day. Most of the day we had no wind to speak of and the swell we were seeing/feeling continued to diminish as the trip went on making for picture perfect conditions for wildlife spotting. Add in some phenomenal looks at so much marine life and it was a stellar kind of day. Multiple pods of harbor porpoise, a few harbor seals, 1 Ocean sunfish, 1 Blue shark, 1 Minke whale, 9 Humpback whales and a pod of 6-8 Atlantic white-sided dolphins were the sightings of the day. Among all that activity there was (no joke) trillions of comb jellies 'littering' the ocean.
A slightly tricky photo to understand but basically any/all egg-shaped items seen are comb jellies found all around us all day long!
These creatures are technically not true jelly fish as they have no stinging cells and fall into the category known as ctenophores. The first whale we stopped on was initially being a bit elusive so we checked out an Ocean sunfish as we waited.
Ocean sunfish
Eventually we decided to move on from the area and little did we know our whale had similar plans. A pair of whales we had been watching in the distance turned into three when our original whale joined the mix! All three of these whales were resting the majority of the time we watched them but as they did we got some incredible looks when they occasionally checked us out.
Fern the Humpback whale

Platform the Humpback whale who grouped up with the pair of Humpback whales we had seen in the distance
Two of the three whales in our trio
Turns out the majority of the Humpback whales seen today were all in pairs and most of them were napping!
Owl and Patches (surprise, surprise) resting at the surface
A-plus and Jabiru
One whale however, was VERY much awake. We spent time with a mother/calf pair. The calf rolled, flipper slapped, lob-tailed and even breached almost the entire time we watched this pair. Some truly specials moments.
Bright white flipper sky high
This calf is currently 'belly-up' lob-tailing at the surface
The ocean was so calm you could +see the reflection of the flipper on the ocean surface
Before heading for home we even checked out a small group of dolphins moving through the area. Truly an incredible day.
Atlantic white-sided dolphins

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