Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tuesday October 1

Happy October everyone! Today we ended up doing some searching around Jeffreys Ledge as the whales we have been seeing recently decided to be a bit sneaky for us today. So instead we ventured offshore and ended up coming across 4 Fin whales throughout our travels. Our first whale of the day was spending 10+ minutes under the water and constantly changing directions. We decided to leave this "uncooperative" creature and try our luck elsewhere. Our patience paid off as we ended up in an area where there were 3 Fin whales around, including a pair on the move together! 
Fin whales at the surface
These whales were spending a lot more time on the surface allowing for us to keep track, and get some great looks, at these massive animals! 
Fin whale spout
At one point we even had one whale cross in front of us and one behind us all at the same time; we were sandwiched in between two of the second largest animals on earth! Awesome. Thanks to our incredible Fin whale matcher we were also able to identify these whales as two newcomers for the season. Welcome back to Jeffreys Ledge Fin whales #0627 and #0808! 
Fin whale #0627

Fin whale #0808
Before heading for home we also were able to show our school trip a bright red "cloud" on the surface. Nothing like a large amount of whale poop present for all the kids to check out.
Just a small section of the bright red cloud left behind one of our whales!

We will have to see what the whales have in store for us as we will be back out on Jeffreys Ledge soon!

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