Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thursday October 4

Though the weather is cooling down (and apparently also remaining drizzly for what seems like forever) the whales continue to swim around our area as we got the chance to see 2 Minke whales and 7 Humpback whales throughout our travels today.  As our Minke whales were seen circling around the area our Humpback whales appeared to either be on the move or napping as the afternoon progressed.

Our first sighting of the day was a trio of Humpback whales.  Tornado and her calf were moving through the area but today this pair was joined by another Humpback whale.  Barbell, a whale first seen in the Gulf of Maine in 2002, was swimming right alongside the mother/calf pair. 
All three whales were associated with each other and a couple times both the calf and Barbell slightly rolled on their sides.  Maybe each of them was checking the other out?  It was fun getting the chance to see the spectrum of sizes between all three whales ranging from Mom's (Tornado) impressive size to her "small" calf still less than a year old.  As we left these whales to continue on we ventured off in our own direction to search for more whale life. 

Our next sighting ended up being three more Humpback whales!  This trio consisted of all adults and all three of them we napping along the surface.  Spoon, Chromosome, and Partition spent the majority of the time we were in the area resting; giving us a great chance to see just how large some of these Humpback whales truly are (and Humpback whales aren't even one of the largest types of whales in the world!).

Spoon, Chromosome, and Partition all at the surface together
Chromosome and Partition providing a great example of just how unique the black and white patterns can be on each and every Humpback whale tail!

Before heading for home we checked out a few more areas including a spot where two Minke whales were circling around.  Both whales were constantly zigging and zagging so with a few looks we pressed on only to come across another Humpback whale just beyond where our Minke whales had been.  Another new visitor to Jeffreys Ledge was close by!  Patchwork has once again decided to check out the area.
What a nice surprise as we continue to spot more additions to the 2012 season even though it is already October; a reminder the season is not over yet!

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