Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Tuesday, August 1

August has certainly started off well. We can only hope sightings like this will continue but as always we really just take it one day at a time. This morning the seas were so calm that anything seemed to be visible to us. So much so, we ended up seeing 19 harbor seals(!), 4 minke whales, 2 fin whales and 6 blue sharks! Wow. That's a lot of marine life.
Such calm seas to watch wildlife!
Stealth maneuvering of a blue shark at the surface
Another blue shark under the surface
This blue shark realized we were close by and with a quick flick of its tail soon disappeared into the ocean depths
Morning fin whale
This afternoon we had equally plenty to look at including 4 minke whales and 4 fin whales. All of our minke whales were clustered in one area and our fin whales in another.
Afternoon minke whale
Incoming minke!
Whales were moving all around the boat allowing for some great looks at these baleen whales.
Scar minke!

Fin whale
The trip wrapped up as we watched a pair of fin whales on the move together.
Pair of fin whales seen moving around together (above and below)

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