Thursday, August 17, 2017

Thursday, August 17

We had "grand slams" on both of our trips today! If we get the chance to watch all four of the most commonly seen whale species during one trip we refer to that accomplishment as a "grand slam" of sightings. This morning we saw 5 minke whales, a pod of 75 Atlantic white-sided dolphins followed by a larger group of ~100 later on, Geometry the humpback whale and a fin whale. This afternoon we started the trip with the same group of 100 dolphins, 3 fin whales, 6 minke whales, an ocean sunfish and a pair of humpback whales. The ocean provided beautiful conditions to enjoy all of our activity. This morning both of groups of dolphins were being closely monitored by so many birds following these toothed-whales!
Atlantic white-sided dolphin
So many birds in the sky moving around with the dolphins
The bird activity was crazy as northern gannets, gulls and shearwaters kept a close eye on the water as the whales moved around.
This gull managed to capture a mackeral but not with other birds attempting to challenge it!
This mackeral fish (about to be eaten by the gull) is what whales feed on too!
Atlantic white-sided dolphins are so impressive
Birds and whales coexisting in this incredible habitat
Geometry was found further offshore surfacing sporadically about before checking out a fin whale moving through the area.
Fin whale
Our second pod of dolphins seen on the way home from our morning trip!
This afternoon we began whale watching with the same large pod of dolphins seen this morning before watching a fin whale cruise through the area.
Adorable dolphins
Fin whale passing through the area in such a sleek fashion
We pressed on finding a pocket of minke whale goodness and an ocean sunfish before our eagle-eyed crew member spotted more whale activity out on the horizon.
Minke whale
Ocean sunfish
The day ended after we spent time with Spoon and Jabiru the humpback whales.
Jabiru on its side
Spoon's dorsal fin and Jabiru's flipper
Jabiru and Spoon

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