Sunday, August 20, 2017

Sunday, August 20

This morning our whale watching started just a few miles from the mainland. A fin whale was darting this way and that! This whale was being a bit tricky to get looks at so after a few attempts we continued on offshore. We ended up finding some familiar visitors that have been spending time in our area recently. Humpback whales Spoon and Jabiru were slowly moving around.
Spoon and Jabiru
These relaxed whales mostly rested but we did see Spoon roll on her side a couple times showcasing her white flipper!
Spoon's large flipper
At one point both whales surfaced with mud on their faces. They get mud on their snouts when a whale has recently been rummaging on the ocean floor.
Before the trip was over we even came across an ocean sunfish we grabbed a couple looks at this morning.
Ocean sunfish below the water
This afternoon Spoon and Jabiru were once again meandering around. We spent some quality time with these adult females and even checked out the seal colonies on Boon Island during our travels.
Whale tail

Spoon and Jabiru
Boon Island
Both grey seals and harbor seals were scattered around Boon Island either in the surrounding shallow waters or on the rocks themselves.
Harbor seals
Cluster of mostly grey seals

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