Sunday, August 6, 2017

Sunday, August 6

The day began with a good strong wind reminding us that Mother Nature always holds the upper-hand and we are at the mercy of her strength. While we rocked and rolled a bit this morning the wind eventually slacked off later in the day and we saw whales on both of our trips. This morning we managed to come across a humpback whale. In reality it's amazing we even found this whale. It was taking anywhere from 12-20 minutes dive times while only surfacing for minimal breaths in between. We managed to get a few looks at this mostly uncooperative, but nonetheless wild, marine mammal this morning.
Our first look at this new visitor to the area this season. Thanks for saying hi, even though brief, Geometry the humpback whale.
During our travels home we stopped to check out an ocean sunfish for a bit too!
Close-up subsurface view of our ocean sunfish this morning
Ocean sunfish swimming in towards the boat
This afternoon our first stop was a different ocean sunfish seen on Jeffreys Ledge.
Afternoon ocean sunfish swimming away from us this time
After a few looks we did a bit more searching before heading slightly inshore to watch a fin whale that had been found by one of our other whale watching friends. This whale was only spending 6-7 minutes below the waterline. The added bonus was that this massive mammal was circling around the area giving us the chance to get some fin-tastic looks at one of the second largest animals on Earth!
Fin whale (above and below)

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