Sunday, July 21, 2019

July 20-21, 2019

The weekend arrived with sweltering heat and in rare occurrences, being out on the ocean does not provide much reprieve from the toasty temperatures. The whales were busy moseying around and we took advantage of their movements. On Saturday morning we saw six minke whales, a few harbor seals, and humpback whales Patches and Zorro. Glass-like sea conditions were perfect for whale-gazing.
Minke whale
Harbor seal
The ocean was so calm!
Whale tail
On the afternoon trip we had a minke whale, Zorro and Patches again and even a brief glimpse of a fin whale.
Humpback whale diving
Lunge from Patches the humpback whale
Sunday, a slight breeze managed to cool us down a bit while we searched for life in the Gulf of Maine. The morning trip included a sighting of an ocean sunfish and two humpback whales. Plenty of great looks at all the wildlife we spent time with!
Humpback whale diving
Subsurface ocean sunfish
Humpback whale lunging through the water
On the afternoon trip, we saw three minke whales and three humpback whales.
Whales have been so close to the shore recently!
Minke whale
Humpback whale spout

July 19, 2019

July 19, the morning trip found some minke whales and a big fin whale! After much more searching, we came upon 3 pods of harbor porpoises! The seas were getting choppy which would normally make watching speedy porpoises nearly impossible, but we managed to get some great looks at this small pod as it swam across our bow several times!

The afternoon trip took us to the same area as the morning trip, but this time we found 2 humpback whales bubble-feeding! A fin whale also passed through the area. Patches (the whale on our brochure cover) and Zorro were both feeding at the surface. Patches blew big clouds of bubbles and came charging through them at the surface! At one point, he even caught an unsuspecting herring gull but quickly released it.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

July 15-17, 2019

During both trips on Monday we saw three different types of whales: minke whale, humpback whale and fin whale! In total, on our morning trip, we saw six minke whales, four fin whales and Zorro the humpback whale.
Minke whale
Our fin whales were spending a long time under the surface, mainly just cruising through the area, but one of our whales was Comet!
Comet the fin whale
While we have seen Comet a few times this season this whale hasn't been around recently, so it was a great treat to see Comet back in our area. Zorro was creating a few bubble clouds and circling around the area.
Bubble cloud appearing at the surface of the ocean
In the afternoon we got a quick look at a minke whale before finding Comet once again. But this time, Comet was over six miles to the south of where it was in the morning and heading in a completely different direction! On the move once again!
Sleek body of Comet
We ended the day with Zorro actively lunging through the water watching fish desperately escape from being lunch!
Zorro lunging through the water (above and below). Watch out fish! 

Tuesday provided another incredible day for watching wildlife. In the morning the ocean was so calm, and the variety plentiful, sightings were numerous. We saw four minke whales, a basking shark, humpback whales Nike and Patches, a blue shark, a few harbor seals and two ocean sunfish.
Minke whale
A harbor seal swimming past us
Basking shark dorsal fin
Ocean sunfish
Pair of humpback whales
The humpback whales were on the hungry side making lots of bubble clouds and lunging through the water!
Hungry hungry humpback whales (above and below)!

The sea breeze briefly picked up during our afternoon trip but wildlife was still plentiful. We saw two fin whales and three humpback whales: Patches, Nike and Zorro.
Fin whale
Afternoon lunge-feeding (above and below)

We ran only a single trip on Wednesday continuing to see so much wildlife the Gulf of Maine has to offer. In total, we saw six minke whales, four fin whales, a shark, an ocean sunfish and Nike the humpback whale. A few of our fin whales were being sleuth-y but that was okay when a pair we were watching suddenly turned into a trio of the second largest animals on earth!
A fin whale in calm seas is always that much more sleek at the surface
Fin whale spout
Minke whales popped up all along our travels and even when we were headed to a recent whale report, a humpback whale sprung clear out of the water nearby!
Minke whale
Nike breached a few times in the distance before lobtailing and then acting as if nothing had ever happened. You never know what might occur, but if you are looking in the right place at the right time anything is possible 😊
Nike lobtailing (above and below)

Sunday, July 14, 2019

July 13-14, 2019

On both trips Saturday we saw Zorro the humpback whale and a fin whale. In the morning, we started with an elusive fin whale. It was #9709, but it was spending a LOT of time below the surface.
Fin whale #9709
As we started to leave the area, Zorro the humpback whale surfaced close by. Then, this whale began to actively feed at the surface.
Zorro open-mouth feeding
Further offshore we found a couple of minke whales; five in total for the trip. One was intrigued by us and circled around multiple times! Nothing beats a wild animal interested in checking us out.
Minke whale coming close towards us (Note, the engines were shut off. We floated at the surface as this whale checked us out).
The afternoon trip started with Zorro actively feeding. A whale's gotta eat, and this whale was having no problem doing so!
Humpback whale on its side with its pleats (right) extending out, filtering saltwater
Zorro diving
Further offshore we checked out a fin whale before finding an ocean sunfish to wrap up the day with.
Fin whale
Ocean sunfish
Most of Sunday, there was not a breath of wind, making for stunning ocean conditions in the Gulf of Maine. Our morning trip started with a few minke whales, three in total.
Minke whale
As we made our way offshore we checked out an ocean sunfish before attempting to watch a fin whale that was definitely on the move.
Ocean sunfish
The trip ended with some phenomenal looks at Zorro the humpback whale actively feeding.
Zorro lunge feeding (above and below)
Can you spot a few fish trying to avoid being eaten?
On our afternoon trip, Zorro was still occasionally making bubble clouds and a fin whale had even moved into the area. We also saw three minke whales during our travels. Such a beautiful weekend filled with gorgeous ocean conditions and great whale sightings.
Fin whale
Filtering out lots of saltwater