Friday, August 18, 2017

Friday, August 18

Happy Anniversary to our mate Ryan who has been married to his wife Ashley for a whole lot of years! This morning, we managed to squeak in a fantastic trip before the rain came. Ok, we got a little wet on the way home, but skies were mostly dry while watching whales. We started by watching a pair of fin whales escorted by a pod of Atlantic white sided dolphins. Then we spotted a humpback and minke whale in the distance. After leaving the fin whales and dolphins, we didn't re-sight the initial humpback, but instead, found two more minke whales. Continuing offshore, we saw a 2nd pod of dolphins and then a pair of humpback whales! These two were Spoon and Jabiru, two of my all-time favorites! At one point, Spoon was about 10 feet under our boat as she moved from left side to right side! Beautiful looks at these special humpback whales moving slowly, taking their time, being humpback whales. 💗

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