Sunday, August 12, 2018

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Today the whales were plentiful and yet so were the waves! The forecast was for minimal wind but clearly that was not the case. Even with the extra motion of the ocean the whales did not mind. This morning we saw four minke whales, five fin whales, three humpback whales and a pod of 20-25 Atlantic white-sided dolphins.
First fin whale of the day
Dolphins zipping through the water
Our dolphins turned out to be swimming in association with a pair of fin whales. Our humpback whales were associated with themselves and included Jabiru, Spoon and Spoon's 2018 calf.

Dolphin swimming near a fin whale

Spoon and her 2018 calf
Spoon's calf tail breaching while Spoon and Jabiru are at the surface
This afternoon we found a pod of 20 Atlantic white-sided dolphins and they were in association with the same three humpback whales we had seen during our morning trip. In addition, we saw a minke whale and even a pair of fin whales swim past the area.
Afternoon look at Jabiru's tail
The humpback whales were occasionally being active, allowing for some impressive looks at different kinds of breaching from all three of the individuals. Seeing a single breach is impressive but between all three whales there were at least 23 breaching behaviors recorded from all of these mammals!
Spoon breaching!!!

Jabiru breaching
Dolphins swimming alongside Spoon
The aftermath of an adult humpback whale breach; that's a HUGE splash!

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