Thursday, July 19, 2018

Thursday, July 19, 2018

What a gorgeous trip this morning!  Minke whales, humpback whales, fin whales, oh my! A harbor seal and pod of harbor porpoises were also spotted!  At one point, all the whale species were in the same area, surrounding our boat!  Not often do we get images of two different species of whales in one photo!  
Fin whale swimming to the right, Humpback whale swimming to the left!

I’m still working on identifying the two fin whales, but our humpback whales were Hornbill, Clamp, Nine and Milkyway! At least one more humpback was also around.
Minke whale

Humpback whale


Humpback whale

Fin whale

This afternoon, we headed back to the whale hot spot. Even charter fishing boats were swinging by to check out the whales! Clamp had joined up with Nine and Milkyway, and when we first arrived, two of them breached clear out of the water! Amazing! Then Clamp began to lift her big flipper out of the water and smack it down on the surface. 

Humpback whale flipper

Both breaching and flipper-slapping are presumed to be communication behaviors, but just what they were communicating still remains a mystery.  Numerous minke whales were spotted throughout the trip and Hornbill was seen blowing clouds of bubble to corral his prey. 

A fin whale was seen briefly but we were not able to relocate it.  Before heading home, we passed through the area where the humpback trio was, and to our surprise, the group had increased in size! A fourth humpback whale had joined in! I know that I know this whale but the name is eluding me at the moment. Check back for updates!
Harbor porpoises were also seen on our way home, rounding out the adventure. Awesome day!

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  1. I took my family on the afternoon trip. It was their first time to ever go (my third time) and it was a highlight of our vacation for everyone! Kids from Colorado and Arkansas rarely have the opportunity to see whales!