Sunday, May 20, 2018

Sunday, May 20

Today we spent our time watching two humpback whales inshore of Jeffreys Ledge. During our trip we even saw a couple of minke whales scooting around. Humpback whales Highlighter and Doublet were initially moving around together but it didn't last. Soon the whales went in different directions, probably searching for food they could focus on eating themselves.
Humpback whales at the surface
The green coloration you can see extending out from this humpback whale is its flipper!
Diving whale
While the whale watching season has just begun, the never-ending sadness of seeing human trash so far offshore is the obvious reminder of how our actions directly relate to the planet. Next time you are outside look around you. Guaranteed you will see trash left behind. In the woods, on the side of the road and even miles from shore, the same is true. None of it is good and yet graduation season is in full effect, birthdays are all year long, 4th of July celebrations will be coming soon, you name it there are balloons for it. Please take a moment to remember to dispose of your trash no matter what kind of trash it is. Debris is a huge threat to so much marine life (birds, fish, whales, turtles, the list goes on and on...). Please be conscious of your actions and help prevent debris from making its way into the ocean. Accidental ingestion DOES happen and can ultimately lead to the death of its victim. Easiest way to help?? Use paper streamer or better yet nothing at all! To learn more visit:
Another trip, another day trying to do our part to help avoid balloons from hurting marine life. Each one was popped and put in the trash. We were well over 10 miles from land!

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