Monday, September 30, 2019

September 30, 2019

The swell was certainly swelly today and slowly improved as the day went on. The first whale we came across was a fin whale. Turns out there were two in the area! One was a familiar fin known as Crow.
First fin whale of the trip
Crow the fin whale
We also attempted to look at additional fin whales throughout the trip but they were certainly on a mission of holding their breath! Further offshore we spent time with a pod of 50 Atlantic white-sided dolphins. These whales enjoyed the swell as they leapt through the ocean movements with such ease.
Atlantic white-sided dolphins (above and below)

The trip ended with a sighting of a humpback whale, spotted during our travels home. Clamp's 2016 calf was meandering around the area.
Humpback whale diving
Clamp's 2016 calf